Play Prevents Bullying

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Edgar is an 8th grade student at Jeremiah Curtin Leadership Academy where he feels safe and accepted everyday as a result of Playworks. Read Edgar’s story below about how he has seen play prevent bullying.

Out of all the schools I have attended, I have seen a lot of bullying. Now that I go to Jeremiah Curtin Leadership Academy, no student has to be afraid to come in our school. At our school we don’t accept bullying. I love coming to my school because there are no worries of someone getting bullied.

My school is the best because we are striking out bullying by having the right attitude and using Playworks. The students in our school have the right attitude and are very respectful to each other. Everyone gets along with each other. The staff at our school are the best. They help students by telling them not to be bullies and how to avoid a bully. Parents help their children by telling them not to be a bully and to get along with everyone.

At Playworks, Coach Laurie helps every student and makes all of us get along with each other. Coach Laurie is a very nice person and she’s funny. Playworks gives us time to play and time to talk. Everyone gets to know each other. Everyone there is nice and positive. I really like being in Playworks because I get time to get stuff out of my mind and relax with no worries of a bully being around. I also like to play with the little kids that are very nice and very energetic. I know that I am a role model by teaching them not to be a bully.

Curtin is the best school because everyone gets along with each other. People at our school have the right attitude and everybody is positive because of Playworks. At our school there is no bullying and we will make sure that bullying won’t happen here. For the few weeks I’ve been in this amazing school, I’ll say this is one of the best schools I have been to. Curtin is the best school in Milwaukee.


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