Happy AmeriCorps Week

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It’s AmeriCorps Week, March 9-13! This week is dedicated to celebrating and appreciating AmeriCorps members and the impact of national service. Playworks Wisconsin is proud to have eight full-time AmeriCorps members on our team this school year. Read below to see where our members are serving and why they are giving a year of service.

Danny Bolling

Playworks Program Coordinator

Franklin Pierce School

“I serve because I want to give back to the community that raised me.”



Emily Haffner

Playworks Flex Coordinator

Supports all Playworks Wisconsin AmeriCorps Sites

“I serve because the kids deserve it.”



Eric Palanck

Playworks Program Coordinator

La Escuela Fratney School

“I serve because I want to give students joy each day they are at school.”



Kevin Jennings

Playworks Program Coordinator

Hamlin Garland School

“I serve because I believe the happiest life is one spent working to bring others happiness.”



Kevin Rodgers

Playworks Program Coordinator

Hopkins Lloyd Community School

“I serve because school is not only a place to grow academically; school is a place to grow socially and emotionally.”



Mel Argenzio

Playworks Program Coordinator

Brown Street Academy

“I serve because all children deserve a chance at a better life.”



Natalie Sperling

Playworks Program Coordinator

Neeskara Elementary School

“I serve because I CAN make a difference and I WANT to make a difference.”




Nicole Acosta

Playworks Program Coordinator

Rogers Street Academy

“I serve because my community is important to me and I truly believe that we should all do our small part in uplifting and creating a more safe, sustainable and resilient city for all of it's residents.”



Watch this fun video Playworks Wisconsin Americorps Members in service.


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