Ms. Morateck, Educator of the Month

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Congratulations to Theresa Morateck, this month’s Playworks Educator of the Month. Ms. Morateck is a school support teacher at Jeremiah Curtin Leadership Academy where she encourages kids to get in the game!

Ms. Morateck plays every game that is presented and is great at leading cheers, too! She uses Playworks techniques and strategies to strengthen Curtin’s school climate. She is always modeling respect through her words, actions, and game-playing skills. If someone is not involved in a group game, she will make sure that they have something fun to do or that they become a part of the current game.

Ms. Morateck has been a Playworks supporter since Curtin's first day with the program three years ago. As one of the biggest Playworks fans, she uses Playworks as a strategy to close the achievement gap in Milwaukee Public Schools and was also able to get Playworks published in a book on that specific topic which will be distributed to every school in the state of Wisconsin. We are so fortunate to have Ms. Morateck as an advocate of play!

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