Maddy Wilson

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Name: Maddy Wilson 
School: Hi-Mount Community School 
Favorite Recess Game: Elbow Tag!


Why hello there!  I’m super jazzed to get this new year off to a fabulous start!  I’ve worked with kids as a camp director; coach; and teacher, and I am thrilled to take my skills out to the playground!  I’m so lucky to have found Playworks and to have the chance to be goofy, give infinite high-fives, and play four-square daily.  I’m really just a big kid at heart, so being able to share my energy and passion for play with kids is a perfect fit!

What drew you to being coach with Playworks?

Playworks believes that play is a learned activity, and I am excited to help kids learn how to be successful players. Being a play professional means that I get to use play as a tool to reach students, provide leadership opportunities, and develop crucial problem solving skills that can be used far beyond recess.

What excites you most about Playworks programming?

The opportunity to instill the Playworks Core Values into Hi-Mount is marvelous… community-building through play… how cool is that?!?  I cannot wait to see the growth in all of my students throughout the school year!  More importantly, I cannot wait to get out and play with the kiddos! Game on!  

Anything else you would like to share?

Go Hi-Mount Hornets!

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