Playworks runs the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

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Playworks Charity Athletes completed the 35th running of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  They were supported by Playworks friends, family and over 1.7 million spectators that line the course on race day!

Each year welcomes more and more runners who make their race a bit more meaningful by adding a charity component to their personal quest.  And there are those who would ask why they do it.  Why add to the pressure of training to run 26.2 miles by adding a fundraising commitment? Well our Playworks Charity runners in this year’s field said “Why not?” They will tell you that while crossing that finish line on your own is an immensely rewarding personal accomplishment, it pales in comparison to crossing the finish line with hundreds or thousands of people behind you.  The many lives you improve with the funds you raise, the thousands who want to run alongside you but cannot due to limitations, the thousands more you encourage to do the same next year, they become part of your victory and part of your celebration.

Through this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon charity program, our charity athletes made it more meaningful.  Not only for themselves, but for every child whose life is touched by their journey. 

Our warmest thanks to all of you for supporting our team! With your kindness and generosity, we can continue to expand our programming to children who need Playworks the most. And a special thank you and congratulations to our 2012 Charity Runner team for making their marathon a bit more meaningful.  Our charity runners embarked on a memorable journey to help expand Playworks so that one day every child across the nation has the opportunity to PLAY! To learn more about our Charity Athlete program and how you can get involved, please visit  the Charity Running section of our website today!


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