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Name: Chevy Robinson. School: Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Math and Science

Favorite Recess Game: My all time favorite recess game is traditional kickball. As a youngster, I was all about booting the ball to the back of the playground to get the "oohhs" and "aahhs" from the crowd. Now, I simply enjoy making sure the game is fun and fair for my students… and of course, watching them boot the ball to the back of the playground!

Background: In 2010, I was the first member of my family to obtain a college degree (Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies – Child Development) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I accomplished another first when I graduated this past May from the University of Missouri – Columbia with a Master of Arts degree in Human Development and Family Studies – Child Life. In June, I earned my Child Life credentials (CCLS); however, decided to place my pursuit of a career in the profession on hold for a little play time with Playworks!

Since working with children, I have acquired three very necessary skills: a. smiling, b. negotiating, and c. playing! I have encountered children from an array of professional settings – preschool classrooms, local playgrounds/parks, hospitals, and daycares – and each of them has involved play in some aspect. Over time, I have come to recognize the valuable lesson that is messaged through play, and that is to live in the moment. I believe as adults, it is our duty to encourage our youth to embrace and embody this simple message throughout their childhood! 

What drew you to being a Playworks Coach? I'm no mathematician, but the following equation seemed quite intriguing prior to applying: Children + Physical Activity + Games + Community + Creativity = Playworks. I absolutely loved the idea of encountering each of these components, and more, everyday. 

What has been the highlight of your coaching experience so far? Thus far, I would have to say that the highlight of my coaching experience is seeing my students' faces light up when they see me walk into their classrooms, the school building, down the hall, and over to their games at recess. Their reactions are priceless and communicate to me that I am impacting and influencing their lives in a positive manner. 

What excites you most about Playworks Programming? Prior to the school year beginning, I was mostly excited about the flexibility of the programming that I could potentially deliver to my students/school. My passion for being original and creative has been fully supported by not only Playworks' staff, but my school staff as well. I've come up with a cheer (If You Wanna) that my students love to recite; I've modified rules to make games more appealing to my middle school students; I've created mini-handbooks for my JC's to utilize for assistance at any time; I've added twists to games like Kickball, Iron Lung, Who Stole the Cookie, Duck Duck Goose, and Pulse to keep students on their toes. There is so much that I've been able to do through Playworks' programming that expresses me as an individual and I take pride in watching it come to life on a daily basis.

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