Meet Coach Laurie Holub

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Name: Laurie Holub

School: Jeremiah Curtin School

Favorite Recess Game: Kickball!

Background: Hello everyone! I am beyond excited to begin this new adventure with the wonderfully positive people at Playworks! My experiences with Madison School and Community Recreation and the Milwaukee Museum Discovery World have helped prepare me to become a Playworks professional. I don’t think getting older necessarily means “growing up”—it just means there’s more room for appreciation of the splendidness of being a kid! I cannot wait to spread sunshine, scholastics, and smiles to the kids and crew at Playworks!

What drew you to being a coach with Playworks?
The positive vibe of the entire organization is what drew me to Playworks. It's like I had been looking for this perfect place to be–and I have found it here at Playworks. Playworks people are my kind of people!

What has been the highlight of your coaching experience so far?
The kids' eagerness to play and learn games, and their overall positive energy about life and the world. And, they're hilarious! I've never been so happy to dish out high-fives in my life! It's awesome.

What excites you most about Playworks Programming?
Working with all of the children, parents, teachers, and people involved with Playworks excites me the most about this new opportunity. I am looking forward to getting to know all of the students and catering playfully positive programming to them!

Any other details you would like to share?
Jeremiah Curtin School is incredible. The students, staff, and everyone here at Curtin, are some of the kindest people that I've met. They care so much about these kids, and are super supportive of the Playworks core values. I am one lucky Coach! GO CURTIN!

Congratulations to Coach Laurie for being chosen as Curtin’s “Teacher of the Week” for the week of September 10-14, 2012! Keep up the great work Coach Laurie!

Are you interested in visiting Coach Laurie at Jeremiah Curtin and playing at recess with her students? Sign-up to volunteer! The playground is open!

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