November AmeriCorps Coach of the Month: Coach Heather S.

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Coach Heather S. is building a positive and inviting school community at Stansbury Elementary. As one of our largest schools, it can be a challenge to build relationships with all of the students.

Coach Heather S. has taken this challenge head-on and works hard to develop meaningful relationships and make an impact on each of the students at her school. We’re grateful for the work she puts in to create a school culture that fosters safe, healthy, and inclusive play!

Here’s a little more about Coach Heather S.:

What is your favorite game/sport?


How do you usually relax after a long day?

By hiking, cooking or skiing.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Taylor Swift.

Tell us two fun facts about yourself!

First fun factI’m terrible at facts. Second fun factN/A.

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