Playworks Corps Member of September: Ryan Rose

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What is your background and experience?

I was once a young fifth grader who had a dream of become a teacher. But first I became a hairstylist and worked for one of the best salons in North America, Lunatic Fringe. Working with all kinds of people I decided to pursue teaching, so I became a teacher at the Paul Mitchell school Salt Lake City. The past four years I have been building my experience as a teacher and also a good role-model for my students. I have worked with my students on events, such as high school lunch jams, princess days, up-do parties and photo shoots; I have done it all. April of 2013 I left the salon to get my Associates in Health and Wellness and got my NSCA personal training certificate. I have be working with kids for as long as I can remember from operating rides at 15 years old all the way to taking care of my nephews since I was 10. Teaching kids how to be positive and active is something I think I was born to do! Trust me there is not a sixth grader out there that can beat me in a race, though first grade is a different story.

What drew you to being a coach with Playworks? 

During my schooling I told my counselor that I really want to help kids. She told me about Playworks and the amazing things that they do, and the rest is history

You lead spectacular Class Game Times (40 minutes physical activity and play sessions with an entire class)! Can you share a best practice for others on how you create great CGTs? 

The first thing is using “imaginary glasses”. Letting the kids know that this is a place full of imagination and being silly really helps them feel safe. Next is being a little over the top. Getting the kids to cheer and goof around with you is something that they don’t really get to see: an adult having fun. This is so important because they need to know that no matter what age are, you can always enjoy life! If you get the teacher to play, this really drives it home. Last but not least is making sure they understand the rules before you move on. This is as simple as asking a fill in the blank question. What kind of style? Fill in the blank style. These are some best practices from yours truly.

What’s your favorite part about being an AmeriCorps member?

Besides the fact that they pay me to play games with kids?! I think bettering the community and how so many people can help in different ways, from working with kids to helping decrease forest fires. AmeriCorps members really change the world, WE GET THINGS DONE.

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