Playworks AmeriCorps Coaches make a positive impact every day at 8 Coach schools across Los Angeles every day, impacting almost 5,000 kids this school year. Coaches transform schools, engage communities, and inspire youth leaders. Through service, Playworks AmeriCorps members create a place for every kid on the playground to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills by organizing games during and after school. Without these Coaches, we would not be able to impact these schools’ communities every day. Playworks AmeriCorps Coaches are making a bigger impact now more than ever, as kids adapt to a new school climate during a time of such impacting change.

Cecilia “CeCe” Rodriguez


Chinyere Osuigwe

Emani Bradley-Waters

Jeanine Brown


Coach J9’s favorite part about being an AmeriCorps Coach is helping kids break out of routine and bringing something new to the students everyday. You can find Coach J9 playing Cone Guardian, which teaches kids hand eye coordination.  Be sure to tell Coach J9 “You’re Awesome” with a Donkey Clap next time you see her on the playground at one of our partner schools!




Johann Tengco


Coach Mikey’s favorite part about being an AmeriCorps Coach is leading and playing games with children all day. He loves to play Foursquare and loves showing kids how much he appreciates them with a Roller Coaster Clap!






Jordan “JJ” James


Jovana White


Anthony “Tony” Pacheco


Coach Tony

 Coach Tony’s favorite part about being an AmeriCorps Coach is that he gets to play different games with the kids every day. Tony loves to play the game Bodyguard and tells the kids how awesome they are with a Donkey Clap!