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Summertime is here! 

The first few weeks of summer bring fun and excitement and the return of free time and fun, seasonal activities. But as the summer stretches on, it can be challenging to keep kids engaged and avoid dreaded phrases “I’m bored” or “there’s nothing to do.”

To help keep the fun going all summer long, we’ve compiled some tips and games that can help your entire family stay active and entertained.

Beat the Heat with Water Games

kids wiping water off face

When the temperature rises, incorporating water games into play time can be a great way to cool off and have a blast. 

Sponge Pass: Have players form a seated line. At the front, place a bucket full of water with a large sponge. At the back of the line place an empty bucket. Pass the soaked sponge over your head to the person behind you. The last person in line squeezes the water into a bucket then the emptied sponge is passed back to the front to start again. The object of the game is to get as much of the water from the front bucket to the back in a limited amount of time (ex. 2 minutes)

Water Cup Relay: In this relay game, players stand in line behind an empty bucket, then run to a full bucket with a cup to transfer water to the empty one before passing the cup to the next person. Two teams can play to see who can fill their bucket faster. 

Duck, Duck, Splash: In a water-filled twist on Duck, Duck, Goose, players sit in a circle as one person walks around, tapping shoulders and saying “duck.” Instead of saying “goose,” they pour water on the chosen person, who then chases them around the circle. If tagged, the chaser becomes the new “it.”

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Fun at the Park

Kids playing on play structure

Parks and community playgrounds offer endless opportunities for summer fun. 

Off the Ground Tag: Every player is safe if they are not standing on the ground, but on another object like a playscape, bench, etc. To be fair to the tagger, however, runners cannot be off the ground for more than five seconds. Count the seconds similar to five Mississippis, but five *name of the park*, such as “one, Deerfield Park, two Deerfield Park, three, Deerfield Park”, etc. 

Iron Lung: Think of this as a race. Players take their mark on the starting line and take the deepest breath they can and hold it in. On “go,” players begin running and yelling, until they are out of breath. When their breath is gone, they must stop. Then turn around and see how far they got. This is sure to make even the most energetic kids want to take a break before playing again.

Follow the Leader: Go on a nature hike while mimicking the leader’s movements. Whether bending down to look or jumping over twigs, followers must replicate the leader’s actions as they take turns leading the group.

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Go for a Walk

girl with notebook outdoorsIf you don’t have a park nearby, these games can be played while you go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Colors: Every person chooses or is assigned a color and must look for that color on your route. Players get points for each object they see with their assigned color. Players must state clearly what the object is and keep track of their own points.

Group Count: This game requires the group to be quiet and listen attentively to each other. Everyone takes turns saying numbers in sequence, therefore, counting as a group. The group, however, may not make a plan for the counting order and must take turns randomly. If two players say a number at the same time, the group must start back at one. The goal of the game is to reach ten, then a higher number as everyone gets better.

Scavenger Hunt: Make it collaborative and before you go out for a walk, create a list of what you are looking for. This can vary depending on where you are walking, but make some items harder and easier! Try to complete your entire list before you head home.

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Taking Fun on the Road

kids in vanGoing on vacation? Play these games during road trips, at the airport, in line at the amusement park, or in the downtime between activities.  

Name that Tune: With the radio or music streaming service, have one person be the DJ and play the first 5 to 10 seconds of a song before cutting it off.  The rest of the group tries to guess the song in 30 seconds or less. Once your group has made it through a set number of songs, let the person who had the most correct guesses DJ next!

Alphabet Race: All players must be first to find something outside of the vehicle/waiting area that starts with the letter “A” and call it out for all to hear. After that move on to the letter “B” and so on through the alphabet. 

Up, Down, Stop, Go: This is a game of opposites, in which a caller says one command and players do the opposite. Generally played with the whole body, the game of Up, Down, Stop, Go can be easily modified for seated play. Up = hands raised high in the air. Down = reach hands to your toes. Stop = move legs and arms like you’re running. Go = freeze with hands out in front of your body.

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Indoor Summer Fun

kids playing game indoorsIf it’s too hot outside and you’re unable to venture out, don’t forget, we have a whole Play at Home Playbook filled with games that can be played indoors, with no equipment needed.

Check out our Youtube playlist for interactive games led by Playworks Coaches.





Now that you have plenty of games to play this summer, we hope your break is filled with fun, relaxation, and play! 


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