Playworks Pennsylvania Contribution Presented by Robert Covington

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After a thrilling first-round playoff series win over the Miami Heat, we’re flashing back to 76ers forward Robert Covington’s day on the playground last fall with the students of Chester Arthur Elementary School.

Robert is one of three players, along with T.J. McConnell and Richaun Holmes, who were on the 76ers active roster two seasons ago when the team went 10-72. The organization recently celebrated their first post-season series victory since 2012 during a year in which Robert still made it a point to give back to his local community.

“Growing up as a kid, I wasn’t able to experience stuff like this,” Covington said last fall. “The impact it has on these kids lives, you never know what you can do for them.”

“You got video games, you got all this other stuff but really, the fun is about being outside. You build more relationships when you’re outside,” said Covington, as he stood in front of dozens of children talking about the benefits of safe and healthy play.

After Covington found time to get in a few extra shots with the students, he also presented a $20,000 contribution courtesy of the Dreambuilders Foundation and OCF Realty to provide programs and activities that keep students active through a partnership with Playworks Pennsylvania. The organization, which directly serves 26 of the city’s schools with recess coaches and consultative support, now reaches over 33,000 of the region’s students through engaged staff training.

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Left to Right: Robert Covington, Ivy Olesh & Ori Feibush



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