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Corporate Recess

Higher productivity. Better communication. More creativity.

Let’s take your team to the next level.

What is Corporate Recess?

Corporate Recess is a way for companies to improve engagement and wellness within their organization by using the power of play. Through a selection of different targeted workshops, we infuse playfulness and fun into the corporate environment in order to help our partners increase creativity, productivity, teamwork, and workplace health.

Why is it important?

This NPR story highlights how playfulness, fun, and games at work can improve office climate and productivity. This leads to happier employees with stronger connections to their organizations.

What we do and how do we do it?

Our process is simple, transparent, and it works! We will engage your team in fun, interactive play activities to engage an entire team in professional development modules. Our team has the ability to inspire, engage, and foster positive authentic connections among your employees who will build bonds that will enhance their work environment. For 120 minutes, we will ditch the PowerPoints, throw down some cones, and provide your team with an amazing work experience.

Enthusiastic members of PECO's Young Professionals Group played a fun exciting game of "Why I Ate the Pie!"

What do participants think?

"Well done to your whole team! Everyone had only positive things to say and several people asked if we would invite you back! I think the best thing for me was seeing the communication and pure fun that everyone was having. The kind of fun that adults and employees in a corporate environment forget about on a daily basis. I think having you come in first thing helped pep up our group for the rest of the day. Sabrina, one of our team members, kept dancing long after you were gone. Your whole team was outstanding!"

– Lincoln Financial Group

Your Benefits!

Done correctly, a well-chosen team building event can be a game changer for any company.

  • Better Communication – Practicing collaboration, negotiation, and teamwork
  • Increased Engagement – You employees will be inspired to become and stay engaged at work
  • Employee Motivation – Help your employees and your company succeed
  • Effective Icebreaking – Activities that make employees comfortable and productive
  • Your Investment: $2,500 for 15-30 employees (We can bring extra trainers at an additional cost for larger groups!)
  • Time Frame: 2 hours



For more information, please contact Ivy Olesh at 267.455.0830 or

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