Letter we received from Jeanne Makdisi, teacher at Bache Martin School

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Dear Ms. Nightingale,

Yesterday my class was very distraught coming back from Art. For some reason, they get upset with each other and have arguments in that class and it always takes a while to calm them down. When we got back, we had Coach Alex the next period. I didn’t think they would be able to get themselves together in time to enjoy it.

Remarkably, Coach Alex was able to turn my whole class around!! He was simply marvelous!! We had to stay indoors because of the rain, which I thought was upsetting them even more, but Coach Alex worked his magic, had them playing games and interacting within minutes, and by the end of 25 minutes, there was a sense of calm and peace among my students. I have rarely witnessed anything comparable! Not knowing who was arguing with whom, Coach Alex had the “opponents” playing together without realizing they were the ones who had been fighting!

I feel so blessed to have him working with my 5th graders, and wanted to share the wonderful work he is doing in my school, and particularly in my class.

Thank you,

Jeanne Makdisi,
MS.Ed Bache Martin School
Grade 5 Room 6

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