August 25, 2014

Introducing Program Director Shelly Wilson ›

Shelly Wilson joins our movement to bring out the best in every kid as the New York/New Jersey Program Director! Shelly comes to Playworks with extensive experience operating and supporting after-school programs throughout the New York metropolitan area. During her career, she has served as Director of Enrichment for the Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School, Program Director for the Partnership for…

February 27, 2014

Meet Coach Asha ›

Coach Asha is a coach at PS 446 in Brooklyn. Coach Asha currently runs an informal Junior Coach program with her 3rd graders. The program is generally for 4th and 5th graders but Coach Asha felt that it was very important and necessary to provide the same leadership opportunities to her K-3 elementary school. Coach Asha has also facilitated a parent night earlier this month which included school…

February 27, 2014

Melba Fidalgo Promoted to Development Associate ›

We are excited to announce the promotion of Melba Fidalgo to development associate for Playworks New York/New Jersey.  Melba previously served as Program Associate for the region, assisting and partnering with our program team, coaches and schools for more than five years. Please join us in congratulating our Playworks teammate at mfidalgo@playworks.org!

February 27, 2014

Snowed in? ›

Since the weather has been so cold and snowy this winter, it’s difficult for the kids to go outside and play. Triangle tag is a game that can be played indoors to keep kids active and having fun! Triangle Tag: Video can be seen here. Purpose: To have students work together and practice their chasing, fleeing, and dodging…

February 27, 2014

Meet Coach Brandi ›

Brandi Parker is in her first year as coach at a B.R.I.C.K Peshine Elementary School in Newark, NJ. Brandi has five years of Playworks experience running through her bones. In Brandi's time as Program Coordinator at B.R.I.C.K Peshine, Brandi has implemented smooth transitions into the building after recess, Jr. Coaches supporting recess and giving High Fives, run a successful indoor recess, and is working…

February 8, 2014

Playworks presents at the NYCESPA Convention ›

On February 8, 2014 Playworks will be presenting Revolutionizing Recess: How to stop playground chaos and turn physical activity into a transformative educational tool at the 81st New York City Elementary School Principals Association Conference (NYCESPA). If you are attending or know someone who is, come take Workshop C1 from 11:45 am to 1 pm. If you attend,…

January 6, 2014

Welcome our new Executive Director! ›

Playworks New York/New Jersey is thrilled to announce the recent addition of Executive Director Kim McCall! A California transplant who now calls New York City home, Kim brings more than 15 years of extensive nonprofit management and fundraising experience. In her free time, Kim enjoys adding new stamps to her passport and extra miles to…

December 2, 2013

Playworks NY/NJ Adds New School ›

Playworks New York/New Jersey is pleased to welcome our 21st partner, the Quitman Street School in Newark, New Jersey.  Coach Alesha Clayton joins Principal Glover to bring fun and safe play to every student at the school.  We are excited to see Coach Alesha on the playground, ensuring a place for every kid to belong,…

October 14, 2013

Meet Coach Makeda ›

This year Coach Makeda runs her program where she left off last year at PS 24 in Brooklyn, NY. PS 24 is in a predominantely hispanic community. In an effort to build more rapport, Coach Makeda has begun learning Spanish. Coach has been able to really interact with parents through the family nights that she…

June 13, 2013

Eight Teams Kicked so 10,000 Kids could Play ›

Kickball … Remember the feeling at recess when the pitcher rolled that big, red, bouncy ball your way? … Everyone’s eyes on are you, the suspense rapidly mounting, and then…POW! You send the ball soaring through the clear blue sky, past the outfielders, all of whom are now scrambling for the ball in a desperate…