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Round of applause for Coach Rodgers, R, and Lai for being our first quarter Coaches of the Month of the school year!

During the fall we decided to bring back Coach of the Month – a way for our Coaches to recognize each other in positive manners. Coaches would be able to vote for one Coach who they believed were doing a great job at their school or simply vote for someone who made them laugh or made them feel included. Whatever the reason, it’s been a fun way for Coaches to highlight and show each other appreciation!

Once votes had been casted, we would gather at our usual PD (Professional Development) do a very quick, very loud drumroll and the winner would be announced! They would then be handed the glorious Traveling Trophy, filled with stickers, snacks and other goodies.

Read below to learn more about our amazing Coaches who were crowned October, November and December Coaches of the Month.

October Coach of the Month: Coach Rodgers

CeCe aka Coach Rodgers is a first year AmeriCorps Coach who is from Moss Point, MS. They’ve been rocking it at the Richard J. Murphy School and was recognized as our October Coach of the Month. Their favorite recess game is Hula Hoop Tag!

When asked what has been the reason they’ve enjoyed being an AmeriCorps Coach at Playworks, this was their response:
“I’ve enjoyed it because I get to interact with the students and get to see the joy on their faces once they see me arrive at the playground. Play is so vital to a child’s development and enhances their social and motor skills.”

Some fun facts about Coach Rodgers is that they are a DJ and one of their favorite movies is Shrek!

Here are some shoutouts from Coach Rodgers fellow AmeriCorps members:

“I went to shadow Coach Rodgers my first week as a Coach and they did a very good job”

“CeCe is doing great!!”

“Perseverance over pressure”

“Moving from a different state and atmosphere and learning the ropes at a new school is no small challenge. Not only has Coach Rodgers met head on, but flourished…Just talking to Coach from the first day to now, confidences had grown as a Coach, but more-so as a person! Keep up the good work Coach!”

Shoutout to you Coach Rodgers – keep being great!

November Coach of the Month: Coach R

Next up is Rutvi AKA Coach R, a first year AmeriCorps Coach from Mims, Florida. Coach R has been making great strives at the Thomas J. Kenny School and was highlighted as our November Coach of the Month.

When asked about why she has enjoyed her journey at Playworks so far, Coach R responded, “I enjoy being an AmeriCorps Coach at Playworks because everyday from the very beginning of the morning to getting to meet the kids, receiving hugs from them, to then seeing them play the games that were taught during CGT and have them be played at recess while seeing them have fun is everything. Everyday is different but the smiles, silly talks, and the fun they have just makes my day.”

Following that question we asked Rutvi – how did she know that Playworks was the right fit for her, she responded, “I thought that Playworks was a right fit for me cause I knew that I would be learning a lot from this experience.” She then goes on to give a shout out to her Program Manager Shelby Obert, ”And thanks to Coach Shelby for her guidance and support that pushes me to think differently and that has taught me a lot of things.” Shout out to both Rutvi and Shelby!

Some fun facts about Coach R is that she enjoys going on adventures, loves sports and traveling and her favorite recess game is Four Square!

Read on to see what other AmeriCorps members have to say about Coach R:

“She deserves it!!”

“Rutvi is always leading by example and holding others accountable.”

“Her team at league nights always crushed it and Rutvi has really stepped into her own as a Coach.”

Keep on shining at the Kenny, Coach R!

December Coach of the Month: Coach Lai

Alaina AKA Coach Lai is a first year AmeriCorps Coach from Boston, MA. Coach Lai has been keeping it calm, cool and collected at the Paul A. Dever School and has been crushing it at recess. She was recognized as our December Coach of the month as we wrapped up our first quarter of the school year!

Coach Lai was asked why she’s enjoyed being a Coach so far and her response was, “I’ve met lots of great people from and through Playworks/Americorps and I love building so many connections with the kids.”

Alaina had Playworks at her school when she was younger and her “coach was great” (shout out to our Senior Program Manager, Dana Harris) so now that she’s older she decided to come back and be a part of the team!

Some fun facts about Coach Lai is that her favorite color is pink and she enjoys coloring books, puzzles and anime!

Here are some shoutouts from her fellow Coaches:

“Coach Lai stood out to me because of the amazing stories she tells me about her recess and CGT’s and how she has so much fun with the kids”

“Always pushing herself and giving her best for her students!”

“Always on time!!”

Keep being amazing Coach Lai!

Thank you Coach Rodgers, R, and Lai for all of your hard work and dedication! Stay tuned for our blog in March highlighting our January-March Coaches of the Month. Follow our Instagram to see our Coach of the Month announcements before then.

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