Rock Paper Scissors Tournament 2023

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Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) is Back and Better Than Ever as Playworks Hosts its First RPS Tournament Since 2018

On April 6th, Playworks hosted Boston area professionals for a night of fun competition with its first Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament event since 2018. More than 60 players contended for the coveted grand prize, a uniquely handcrafted Playworks blue RPS trophy. After six rounds, John emerged as this year’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion and received a classic Playworks WOOSH clap!

John named the 2023 RPS Champion

With support from our amazing sponsors, Nutter and Point32 Health, we raised over $6,000. The night kicked off with announcements from our Emcee, Stephon Lilly, who joined Playworks as a Coach in 2015 and introduced the night’s speakers, including our new Executive Director, Renee Gaudette.

Renee’s passion for sports and play shined through as she shared her journey and the impact she’s making on our youth with Playworks. “In these first few months I have been truly inspired and amazed by each and every Playworkers dedication to helping schools and youth organizations create a place on the playground for every child to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills.”

Guests also heard from Playworks Site Coordinator, Carl Valbrun Jr., and Leadership Council member, Jason Hitt, who talked about the hard work they’re doing on and off the playground to support our youth, schools and communities. This year, Playworks will serve over 200 schools and almost 100,000 children throughout New England!

The night continued with a raffle drawing where a handful of lucky winners walked away with awesome prizes, including a Bruins signed hockey stick, a Columbus Hospitality gift card, an Everybody Fights five class pack, and much more.

It was a fun night where adults could be kids again engaging in some of Playworks’ favorite recess games! Head to our Instagram to see highlights from the event and tag your friends. For more information about volunteering and how to get involved, visit our website or reach out to Leah Kelly at


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