Celebrating our AmeriCorps Members during AmeriCorps Week

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This week is AmeriCorps Week, and we want to take a moment to highlight all of our awesome AmeriCorps Coaches serving in Boston Public Schools every single day.

Keep reading to hear the wonderful (and hilarious) things that their students have to say about what makes them great

Coach T, Hurley K-8 School
“My favorite thing about Coach T is that he’s nice. I like when he gives us feathers, and when he says ‘good job, nice try’ then gives us a high five.” -Kimberly, 2nd grade

Coach Savvy, Grew Elementary School
“My favorite thing about Coach Savvy is that she shows us how to play so many new fun games!” -Rohan, 4th grade

Coach Josh, Rafael Hernandez School
“My favorite thing about Coach Josh is that he’s always very energetic and he runs around and plays with us. I wish we could have Class Game Time with him every day!” -Tatiana, 6th grade

Coach Stizz, Murphy K-8 School
“My favorite thing about Coach Stizz is that he’s really funny and makes everyone feel comfortable.” -Abigail, 5th grade

Coach El, Paul A. Dever School
“My favorite thing about Coach El is that she teaches us fun games and makes Junior Coaching really interesting!” -Layla, 4th grade

Coach Brady, Sumner School
“He’s a lot of fun and always teaches us cool stuff during Junior Coach training… and his name sounds like Tom Brady.” -Kasheem, 4th grade

Coach Sam, Thomas J. Kenny School
“My favorite thing about Coach Sam is that he’s very kind and he’s a really good basketball player!” -Kayden, 4th grade

Coach K, Orchard Gardens School
“My favorite thing about Coach K is that he’s nice, he’s fun to play with and he taught me how to play kickball. I was just okay at it before but I love to play it now, and I’ve gotten a lot better.” -Soriyah, 5th grade

Coach Q, Condon Elementary School
“My favorite thing about Coach Q is that he’s fun, he cares about us, and he always makes sure we’re doing okay.” -Josmeiry, 4th grade

Coach Becca, Mather Elementary School
“My favorite thing about Coach Becca is that she’s so nice to us, she’s so fun, and she always lets us play with hula hoops!” -Jovanna, Kindergarten

Coach Mase, Thomas Edison School
“When Coach Mase shows up, he shows out! The kids always mention how he makes all the games fair and fun, and he has a special way of making all the students feel seen.” -Deanna, Playworks Program Manager

Coach Jorie, Josiah Quincy School
“My favorite thing about Coach Jorie is that she’s so nice and kind and fun. Playing Silent Ball with her is the best!” -Jenny, 2nd grade

Coach Valdo, McKay Elementary School
“My favorite thing about Coach Valdo is that he always comes up with really creative games, and he cares a lot about our safety!” -Sofia, 4th grade

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