How We Celebrated National High Five Day

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If you come to a Playworks recess, you’ll see that joy is everywhere.

We believe all kids should have the ability to choose any game they want to play at recess regardless of physical ability. We utilize equipment creatively and adapt games so that every kid can be included. Regardless of a game’s outcome, we encourage positive language and good sportsmanship, modeling language such as “Good job!” or “Nice try!” and giving out high fives. You can’t misinterpret the power of a high five, and Playworks playgrounds are full of them.

On National High Five Day (Thursday, April 21), Playworks New England launched our first ever monthly giving program: The High Five Club

The High Five Club was designed and launched by Playworks New England’s Young Professional Board, the Leadership Council, and is the culmination of months of hard work and creativity. National High Five Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to launch the club and spread the word, so that’s exactly what we did!

After a day full of social media posts, individual outreach, and sharing the mission of Playworks with people across the country, we are proud to announce that we have 26 High Five Club Members that will bring in over $7,000 every single year. We are so thankful for our community who joined us for this launch and have chosen to support us now and for the months to come.

“It was awesome to see so many new Playworks supporters join the High Five Club,” said Playworks Development Associate Leah Kelly. “It just goes to show how much people believe in the healing power of play to bring out the best in every kid, and how many people want to support the work that we do.” 

Missed National High Five Day? No problem! Become a member of the High Five Club today and together we can make sure that every kid on every playground gets a chance to be physically active, practice core social-emotional skills, and build positive relationships.

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