Fidelity Volunteers Teach Playworks Junior Coaches Skills for Success

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Collaboration, innovation, and communication are the focus of the Playworks Corporate Coach Mentorship Program held at Fidelity Investments’ offices in Boston on November 15. An all-star team of Fidelity volunteers facilitated skill-building activities with Playworks Junior Coaches from Mendell School in Roxbury.

The Corporate Coach Mentorship Program is part of Playworks’ longstanding partnership with Fidelity. For the past four years, Fidelity volunteers have partnered with us to improve educational outcomes for students in Boston. Giving students the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with Fidelity associates helps give them the skills needed to succeed in the classroom, in the community, and in their future places of employment.  In return, the program has given Fidelity associates the opportunity to use their unique skills to teach students leadership, communication, and collaboration skills.

“I spend a lot of time developing leaders at Fidelity, and I feel it is vital to share that experience in the community,” says Corporate Coach Chris Lebo, Vice President on the Fidelity Capital Markets Team.

Corporate Coach Peter Langunilla, Director of Overflow Management at Fidelity, assists Junior Coaches with an activity during a Corporate Coach Field Trip at Fidelity’s offices in Boston.

Perspective was one theme that emerged from the day—specifically the importance of recognizing different perspectives on a diverse team.

Nine-year-old Junior Coach Tayden thinks diversity is important because “you get to learn new things about your friends and you might find things you have in common. You may be surprised, or you can say ‘oh that’s cool, I didn’t know you could speak French or Spanish.’ ”

Our Junior Coaches weren’t the only ones who understood the benefit of learning new perspectives.

“I also have two children of my own in elementary school, and have found it extremely rewarding to understand the perspectives of other students of similar ages,” says Corporate Coach Chris. “I’ve been able to bring home stories of amazing kids who shine, despite not having some of the advantages that my own children have.”

A key activity on the lesson plan for Junior Coaches was filling out the Fidelity Rising Star Resume. With support from their Fidelity Corporate Coaches, each Junior Coach listed their work experience and highlighted their unique skills. This activity was a great opportunity for Junior Coaches to reflect and articulate how they each have grown since joining the Junior Coach Leadership Program.
Corporate Coaches explained to the students that resume writing would be important in the future, espeically when applying for college and for employment.

Two Playworks Junior Coaches proudly display their completed Fidelity Rising Star Resumes.

“I want to work here [at Fidelity] when I grow up!,” one Junior Coach responded.

The Fidelity Corporate Coach Program is a meaningful experience for all who participate, and our Junior Coaches benefit from learning essential social and emotional skills from caring adult role models.

“When the [Junior Coaches], or people in general, learn to use these skills in their personal and professional lives, the results can be game changing.” says Corporate Coach Peter Langunilla, Director of Overflow Management at Fidelity.

We are so grateful for our dedicated volunteers like Coach Chris and Coach Peter, who have both been involved with Playworks since the beginning of our partnership with Fidelity four years ago.

“I’ve learned that you can have a big impact on someone by paying attention to their ideas and being a good listener,” says Coach Peter. “Showing that you care and respecting someone’s ideas goes a long way in helping instill confidence in someone.”

Corporate Coach Chris Lebo (second from the right) and Corporate Coach Peter Langunilla (first from the left) with volunteers from Fidelity and the Junior Coaches from Mendell Elementary School.


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