Playworks Mid-Atlantic’s Real Players Don’t Bully Event 2019

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On October 30, 2019, Playworks Mid-Atlantic celebrated the culmination of the Real Players Don’t Bully Campaign with a special Let’s End Bullying event. This year Playworks Mid-Atlantic engaged numerous influencers including actor Nick Cannon, actress Lizzy Greene, musician Chris Urquiaga, CBS sports reporter Darren Haynes, and Baltimore Ravens #27 Cyrus Jones. We are honored to have the support of such notable individuals who have taken time out of their busy schedules to take the vow of inclusivity and have encouraged kindness during a time where it is very much needed.  

For the past two years, Playworks Mid-Atlantic has been teaming up with Google’s Be Internet Awesome campaign to work towards inclusivity and anti-bullying on the playground and the internet. Our Let’s End Bullying event was held in downtown Washington D.C. and consisted of a keynote given by John Gomperts of America’s Promise Alliance, as well as an awards ceremony and a panel discussion. Awards were given to various schools, political figures, corporations, and educators. Honorees included:

Civility Award’s Playful Educator of the Year: Langley Elementary School

Corporate Cyber Partner:  Booz Allen Hamilton

Civility Advocates  of the Year:  Congresswoman Debbie Dingle and Congressman Tom Reed

Community Champion Awards: Maryland Governor Harry Logan and Senator Bobby Zirkin

The panel discussion was moderated by our founder and CEO, Jill Vialet. Alongside Jill, the other panel members included Booz Allen’s Nyla Beth Gawel, Maryland Senator Bobby Zirkin, Vice President of Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools Andrea Cahn, DCPS School Improvements and Supports Chief Bren Elliott, and Junior Coach Cheyenne.

Cheyenne was one of many Junior Coaches who were in attendance showcasing the positivity that Playworks has brought to their schools. The Junior Coach program elevates the youth voice and gives kids the courage they need to not only navigate their own experience at school but help others.

We are happy to be involved in such an amazing event which incorporates the very important issue of bullying, and leave with a lasting reminder that play works and we each can do our part whether we are on a playground, on the internet, at work or other places in our community!

View Real Players Don’t Bully featuring Cyrus Jones and Maryland Governor’s greetings to the Playworks community!


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