Want to join us in our efforts to create a place for every kid on the playground a place where every kid belongs, has fun and is part of the game? Play partners and corporate partners play a critical part in helping us achieve this goal.

Play Partners

Given the expansive nature of our vision, Playworks will need to engage other like-minded organizations to contribute toward our goals over the coming years. Our play partners align with our mission and values and are ready to jump in to help achieve safe and healthy play. Learn more about our play partners.



Corporate Partners

Playworks offers a unique opportunity to showcase your corporate values and directly impact kids through recess and play. Playworks creates an infrastructure for cooperation, teamwork, and academic success that will resonate with your stakeholders and customers. Learn more about our corporate partnerships.

Local Engagement Opportunities

Engage your team. Playworks wants to help you turn your employees into community game-changers. We facilitate custom volunteer engagements ranging from Play Days in local schools to playspace transformations. Our expert and energetic staff will train, support, and empower your employees to make an impact in our community while also having a great time together.


Play Days

Get back on the playground and be a role model for low-income elementary school children!

Play Days provide employees the opportunity to engage directly with local kids in Playworks partner schools, energizing education by modeling and facilitating healthy, active, inclusive play.

Play Days include a fast, fun, hands-on immersion in Playworks techniques and games, followed by volunteer time with children (supported by Playworks staff) during one or more school recesses, and a closing debrief for volunteers.

Kids are thrilled to have adults playing with them and they learn valuable social skills from adult role models.

  • Number of participants: 10 to 25 adults per partner-school playground
  • When: Early afternoon recess (2 to 3 hours total)
  • Prerequisite: All volunteers pre-register with Playworks; returning volunteers may be subject to a background check
  • Lead Time: 3-4 weeks
  • Kids Present? Yes!

Interested in booking a Play Day? Contact us by completing this short form.


Playspace Transformations

Playspace transformations allow employees to create dramatic visual and practical changes in our region’s schools through activities such as playground overhaul and beautification, mural paintings, and indoor playspace refurbishments.

Revive a playspace and beautify recess!

We provide the paint and the fun. Your employees provide the energy and hands to brighten low-income school playgrounds by painting four-square courts, peace paths and game boundaries.

The best part is seeing photos of the children’s faces when they return to school and see a transformed playspace.

  • Participants: 15 to 75 adult volunteers per playground
  • When: Dependent on school schedules; usually when school is not in session.
  • Lead Time: 6 weeks
  • Cost: Dependent on group size and location
  • Kids Present? No
Help kids dream big with motivating murals!

Your team will create beautiful murals to be placed at one or several of our partner schools.

The murals serve as reminders of our core values and motivate children to dream big and persevere.

  • Participants: 5 to 50 adult volunteers per partner school
  • When: Dependent on school schedules (2 to 3 hours total)
  • Prerequisite: All volunteers pre-register with Playworks; returning volunteers may be subject to a background check
  • Lead Time: 4 weeks
  • Cost: Dependent upon group size and location
  • Kids Present? Optional but recommended

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