High Fives are transformative; it’s a universal gesture of appreciation and celebration. You can’t deny the power of a High Five, and Playworks playgrounds are full of them.

As a member of the High Five Club, you’ll join a network of individuals who understand the importance of play in the physical, social, and emotional development of our youth. Your monthly gift provides consistent support that is critical for Playworks to leverage play to transform our children.

Join the High Five Club today and together we can make sure that every kid in Indiana has access to safe and healthy play, every day!

Join the High Five Club!

Please Consider Making a Monthly Impact at One of the Following Levels:

  • $10- Provides a Junior Coach squad with shirts for the year.
  • $25- By giving a latte a week, you’re providing snacks for our peer leaders, Junior Coaches!
  • $50- Help ensure that our schools have the necessary recess equipment for safe, healthy, and inclusive play!
  • $100- Invest in the next generation of leaders and support the development and leadership training for our Junior Coaches!