Playworks Colorado Kickball Tournament 2021

This event is POSTPONED! We look forward to your attendance in June 2022.

Get together with your team for Playworks’ annual Kickball Tournament to celebrate 25 years of play and compete against other teams for the Golden Kickball Trophy! Individual Player? Join us for a day of round-robin style kickball competition by being placed on a team.

Participating teams will: 

  •  Team Bonding: Playworks Kickball offers a team-building opportunity that is inclusive, collaborative, and fun! Teams are 11-15 players.
  • Enjoy a BBQ and Beer Garden: All participating teams have access to the BBQ and Beer Garden.
  • Support Local Kids: Money raised supports Playworks Colorado programming.

Build rapport, teamwork, and trust! When you put a focus on team building in the workplace, you improve employee collaboration and morale, boost your employee’s health and happiness, increase motivation, and regain a lost sense of connectivity in a virtual world. Playworks Kickball Tournament will give your team the opportunity to get together and have some fun, relieve stress, and improve productivity.

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When you participate in the Playworks Kickball Tournament, you’re helping fund our work in elementary schools to empower students through the power of play. The majority of your team or sponsorship fee is tax-deductible.


Playworks is a national nonprofit leveraging the power of play to transform children’s social, emotional, and physical health. This upcoming school year, Playworks plans to serve 24,000 students including a new long-term district-wide partnership with Aurora Public Schools.


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