September Coach of the Month!

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Our September Coach of the Month is….Coach Frannie!

Coach Frannie is a third-year program coordinator at Newlon Elementary School in Denver, CO. In her third year, Coach Frannie has become a leader at her school and for Playworks Colorado and works endlessly to teach the same leadership to her Junior Coaches.  

During the month of September, Coach Frannie worked hard to start her school year off strong. Being her second year at Newlon, and her third with Playworks, Frannie was ready to hit the ground running. Where you can really see Coach Frannie’s experience shine is with her Junior Coach trainings. Frannie’s trainings are well thought out, her incentive systems are fantastic, and she always brings a bit of fun to the learning. Because of her dedication to her Junior Coaches, you can see them running games, leading openings and closings, and being leaders that all students can look up to. In addition to running a fantastic Junior Coach program, Coach Frannie has also become a great mentor for many of our first-year coaches. She has had multiple coaches shadow her at Newlon, and all of them walk away with new techniques and strategies that they are eager to try at their school sites. 

Coach Frannie has shown through her dedication her students and other Playworks staff that she is committed to the Playworks Colorado movement. Everyone at Playworks Colorado is extremely happy that Coach Frannie is the rockstar she is!



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