Finding the Confidence to Try Again

Chanceline is originally from Africa where she says school looks, sounds, and feels much different than here in the United States. She says that here school is “great because it’s normal and fun, if you get it wrong, you try again.” Chanceline moved to the United States with several brothers and sisters, and loves to play outside. English is her second language, but Chanceline has learned a lot and overcome challenges serving as a Junior Coach. She understands how to be kind, to meet new people, and to help others. Chanceline says when “being a leader, you have to be nice so people can understand you and be your friend.”

She has learned to lead with the utmost confidence in herself and her abilities. You can find Chanceline outside once a week leading games and attention getters for anyone who wants to participate. She uses her confident voice on the playground to help others.

Help kids like Chanceline find the confidence to lead for the first time.

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