Congratulations to Daniella, Our Junior Coach of the Month

For Junior Coach of the Month, we would like to congratulate fifth grader Daniella of Quentin Elementary School! With this being her first year as a Junior Coach, there were a few uncertainties of how she would be able to lead her peers. After going through a few Junior Coach Trainings, she was able to find her voice and identity as a young leader. She is extremely helpful, fair, and assertive. Daniella comes out to her recess with a positive “ready-to-play” attitude. She far exceeds the expectations set for her and rises up to any challenge that comes her way. Every time she steps foot on her playground, she tries her best to exude the same energy and confidence that she sees in her Playworks Coach if not more.

The Recess Team Members at Quentin have said that since she’s become a Junior Coach, they really have seen a positive change in her. She really takes to heart how much of a difference she can make and how important it is to be that positive role model for the students at Quentin. Daniella ensures that all students are included in every game and activity at recess and does exceptionally well with introducing new games for students to try.

We are very lucky to be able to have Daniella as one of our Junior Coaches at Quentin Elementary School. She has the leadership skills that far exceed her years, and this is only the beginning for her. We are very proud of her and cannot wait to see the amazing things that she will accomplish in her future. Strong Clap for Daniella!

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