October Junior Coach of the Month

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Coach Mykhal first met Cruz while playing a game of foursquare. Despite the hot weather, Cruz never slowed down and made time to teach Coach Mykhal the different variations of the game. When recruiting Junior Coaches, Coach Mykahl knew Cruz would bring a lot of character to the program. However, he brought more than just character: he brought humor, a love for play, and his ability to push Coach Mykhal to be a better coach every day.

Since becoming a Junior Coach, Cruz has become a sponge to the Playworks’ values, implementing them every day at recess with or without his purple Junior Coach shirt. Cruz can also be found regularly leading attention getters, encouraging rock, paper, scissors, and giving high-fives to students and staff.

Two jellyfish fist bumps to Junior Coach Cruz for helping to #EnergizeAZ at Garfield Elementary School!

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