November/December JC of the Month

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Kiara Calles is a Junior Coach at Excelencia School in Phoenix, AZ.  She is among the first group of Junior Coaches at a brand new TeamUp school!

Kiara is always punctual and reliable. She is never late to her recess shifts during the weeks that the site-coordinator is present and according to her teachers, she is never late when returning back to class. Kiara has attended all of the Junior Coach meetings and has never been late to one of those either.

Kiara is very pro-active in taking specific steps to ensure that kids remain actively playing during recess! For example, when leading a game of “Watch Your Back Tag” during recess, Kiara noticed that after 5-10 minutes of playing the kids were beginning to get bored. Instead of letting her game die down, she immediately performed an attention getter and switched the game to “Sleepy Fish.”  This re-energized everyone and the kids were able to continue playing enthusiastically until the end of recess.

Kiara is a Junior Coach who always leads by example.  By making simple suggestions Kiara has been able to teach her peers a lot through her actions. For example, after being taught a strategy on how to recruit kids to play during recess by her coach, when one of the Junior Coaches needed advice on how get more kids to play with them during recess, Kiara raised her hand and showed her fellow Junior Coach the strategy.

Junior Coach Kiara has done all of these amazing things with very limited training since TeamUp schools receive training only three times per month!  A huge whoosh clap to Kiara for helping to #EnergizeAZ.

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