Hope and Opportunity! The Boys and Girls Club Partners with Playworks Southern California

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Playworks Southern California has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach in the 2017–2018 school year. To kick-off our partnership, Playworks provided the club’s staff members with a mini preservice training. This fun-filled week included professional development on how to implement safe and healthy play both during club time and in elementary schools where club members are also working during the school day.

This Playworks training was hands down the best training we have offered to our team.

Scott Wilbur

Senior Branch Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Laguna Beach

Scott Wilbur (right)

Scott Wilbur, the Senior Branch Director at Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach shared,

This Playworks training was hands down the best training we have offered to our team. The content provided our team with a variety of tools and resources to build our Club systems and improve the Club experience, for our youth and staff. I was very proud of our group of professionals each day. They came prepared and ready to learn each session, and displayed positive interactions with the facilitators and each other. It was truly inspiring to see how empowered our team was over these past three days.

Many of the games and systems have already been utilized within our programs to improve the Club experience, but we are also eager to incorporate these systems within our staff culture. The facilitators did an excellent job of modeling the behavior and systems each session. Their professional and fun approach to teaching the content displayed all of the characteristics of what a youth development professional should encompass.

The Boys and Girls Club members of Laguna experienced first hand what a fun, healthy, and safe recess feels like. More importantly, they learned how transitions are structured, how to organize games, and the importance of team communication in order to help maintain a safe and healthy environment for every kid. This playful Playworks Pro preservice took an innovative and creative approach in order to simulate a realistic environment for the participants.

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