Playworks North Carolina Now Serving 18 Schools!

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As we move into our 3rd year, our impact has grown beyond Durham County. In the 2013-14 school year, we are very excited to be serving 14 schools in Durham County and 4 schools in Wake County!  We are now supporting 18 schools and 9,000 students through our direct service model.

Creech Road Elementary is one of the schools we are serving in Wake County where Coach Charles has already established a great relationship with the school.

So many people have approached me just to say thanks.  Before Playworks started at Creech Road, recess was a time of chaos. Children were often involved in conflicts and teachers came back in feeling more frazzled than when they had left their classrooms.

—Coach Charles

After only one month, Coach Charles and Creech Road have worked together to transform recess as a time that is all about FUN! Children are more active, engaging in games and encouraging one another with high fives. The students began using to Ro-Sham-Bo as an effective method to solve a conflict.

When office staff were asked if they saw a difference in the students Coach Charles says:

They nearly gasped when I asked because they had seen such a change. I was told in previous years they had been able to tell what hour it was in the day by office referrals or injuries from recess. Those issues have almost been eliminated!

Playworks NC wants to thank everyone for making it possible for us to bring safe inclusive play to these schools. With your continued support we hope to expand in the movement for more play and create a place where every kid belongs and is part of the game.

Playworks NC Schools 2013-2014

Durham County

Bethesda Elementary School

C.C. Spaulding Elementary School

E.K. Powe Elementary School

Eno Valley Elementary School

Fayetteville Street Elementary School

Glenn Elementary School

Hope Valley Elementary School

Lakewood Elementary School

Merrick-Moore Elementary School

Parkwood Elementary School

Sandy Ridge Elementary School

Spring Valley Elementary School

W.G. Pearson Elementary School

Y.E. Smith Elementary School

Wake County

Bugg Elementary School

Creech Road Elementary School

Powell Elementary School

Smith Elementary School

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