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Allie Morse is Playworks Durham’s Coach of the Month.  Allie is a first year AmeriCorps coach at Parkwood Elementary School.  Coach Allie’s hard work and commitment to the students at Parkwood are why she is our  Coach of the Month!

Coach Allie recently hosted the Mayor of Durham, William “Bill” V. Bell, for the National Service Recognition Day during National Service week.  Mayor Bell was very impressed with the program that she ran at Parkwood and presented Playworks with a National Service Recognition Day Proclamation at that time.

Coach Allie’s willingness to go the extra mile is just one of the reasons she is such a star.

Allie was extremely crucial during the Duke Scholars Day where she had 16 students from Parkwood’s 5th grade in attendance. Not only has Coach Allie recruited full teams for both girl’s basketball and co-ed Volleyball, she has also recruited a full team for her spring league, Co-Ed Flag Football. Allie really makes sure that her teams fully reflects the diversity of the school community.

Even outside of school events Coach Allie is committed to the mission of Playworks!  She not only recruited Parkwood staff to participate in the Playworks Run for Recess 5K, but she ran it herself. Around Durham, parents do not hesitate to stop any one they see wearing a Playworks shirt to tell of all the magnificent things Coach Allie is doing at Parkwood and how much their child just loves Playworks!

For all of your constant dedication to the Playworks and Parkwood Communities, we appreciate you COACH ALLIE, our Coach of the Month with a “Roller Coaster” CLAP!

Get to Know Coach Allie:

Favorite Game: Kickball
Favorite Cheer: Taco Bell Cheer
Favorite Thing about Durham: It’s home to lots of UNC fans!! Go Heels!
If you could have any super power: what would it be and why? I would fly because then I can go anywhere I want anytime. Or apparate. Like in Harry Potter. That would be awesome too

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