Playworks Durham Girls Basketball Extravaganza 2013

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Playworks Durham hosted its 2nd annual Girls' Basketball Extravaganza at the Emily K Center. Over 100 players from all 15 of our Durham schools attended the skills-building event! Each player was invited to attend the Extravaganza, which served as a kick-off to the upcoming league season. Each year, Playworks staff members coach a 4th & 5th grade girls' basketball league. The league focuses on healthy competition and building the skills of each player on the team.

During the Extravaganza, players were introduced to the basics of basketball–dribbling, shooting technique, passing, defense and more! Playworks coaches lead the girls in many fun basktball skills and games to get the players excited about the game of basketball. Parents were also encouraged to stay and take part in a parent information meeting to review the goals of the league and answer any questions about practice and game schedules.


To top off the event, the NCCU Women's Basketball team attended the morning session to help motivate and inspire young players about college basketball. The players had huge smiles on their faces while watching the NCCU athletes demonstrate quick passing, shooting and defense skills.

Playworks would like to thank the Emily K Center and the NCCU Women's Basketball for helping us have such a great event for our kids!

Interested in being a volunteer referee? Please contact the Durham Office at 919-794-6459!

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