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While at Morton McMichael school myself and Coach Stephen conducted a Class Game Time with a 5th grade class, one of the games that we played was picket fence. The Class Game Time went great the kids loved picket fence! One young lady loved picket fence so much that when she came out for her junior coach duty she stated that she wanted to teach and run picket fence with the 3rd through 5th grade recess. Me and Coach Stephen were a little apprehensive that the junior coach may not be able to get enough students to participate, but we didnt yuck her yum. We encouraged her to get 14 to 20 students involved, and if the game fell through just to transition into pinball or another game. About 15 minutes into the recess while I was over at the kick ball area I turned around and the junior coach had the game up and running excellent. You can call that a 2 for 1… kids learned and played a new game and a junior coach gained some addtional confidence and leadership skills. 

Written by Coach Stephen 
Juniata Park Academy

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