Play Days

What’s a “Play Day”?

Facilitated by Playworks, the national leader in engaged play, Play Days engage volunteers with kids during recess at partner schools in 23 US regions. You’ll quickly learn to play lively games that foster collaboration, teamwork, and conflict resolution—skills as vital for children as they are for adults.

How does a Play Day work?

Play Days are best suited for medium-size groups. We recommend a minimum of five employees, and can usually accommodate up to 30 volunteers at a single school. Groups larger than 30 may be divided to volunteer at multiple school locations.

Depending on your needs and capacity, Play Days can be structured to run an efficient two hours or can expand to a half-day immersion in play, team-building, and volunteering.

You’ll learn signature games and strategies, and then your team will fan out on a Playworks playground to play with kids, supported by our staff. You’ll experience firsthand the transformative power of positive play—for yourself, your team, and for the kids you’ll meet.

Volunteers must register with Playworks in advance. The lead time required to create a custom Play Day is approximately four weeks.

I saw Playworks making a difference from the second my ESPN team arrived on the Centennial Academy campus for our Corporate Play Day. It was moving to witness these young children work together to have fun, resolve conflict and learn leadership skills.

– Brant Allen, ESPN Director Multimedia Sales

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