Kaiser Permanente Northwest Continues to Support Play

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Playworks Pacific Northwest is excited to celebrate two more years of support and a total of $400,000 from Kaiser Permanente Northwest’s Community Benefit Program and their initiative for Thriving Schools to further Playworks’ goal of increasing opportunities for safe, meaningful play and physical activity.  Funds will be used to increase the access, opportunities and impact of play for 30,000 school aged children in the Pacific Northwest region over the life of the two-year award.

“We truly value the continued support from Kaiser Permanente and are excited for their partnership to reach more kids and schools in the Pacific Northwest” says Jonathan Blasher, Playworks executive director. “This support will help us continue our goal of bringing Playworks to every kid so that so that one day every child in the Pacific Northwest will get to experience a great recess at school.”

As part of the two-year grant, Kaiser Permanente funds will support Playworks’:

  • Training and consultation services at over 40 schools in the 15 Kaiser Permanente service counties, with a focus on Thriving Schools in Clark, East Multnomah, and Central Washington County (Apply here to see if your school is eligible to receive discounted training)
  • School-based direct service programming at ten schools (five each year)
  • Junior Coach Program and Interscholastic Sports Leagues for 15-18 direct service programs in the Portland metro area

The award marks a continuation in support from Kaiser Permanente, whose generous funds in 2012 supported similar initiatives for Playworks Pacific Northwest.  The $400,000 grant will be divided equally between the next two school years to see this shared vision for play further manifested.

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