Coach Jory is Portland’s Program Coordinator of the Month

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Congratulations to Coach Jory, our Portland Program Coordinator of the Month. Coming into this year as a returning coach, Jory was determined to bring his program to the next level, and he has done exactly that!!

Jory is consistently introducing new games, activities, incentives, tournaments, recess parties, curriculum, and even new components to Marysville. This year he has made drastic changes to his playground by painting designated play spaces, using colorful cones, colorful hula hoops, and introducing a new soccer court. Recess has turned into a play party where virtually every student is engaged in games. In collaboration with his after-school program he has also developed a middle school leadership program where he is inspiring the students to take ownership of their recess.

In addition to running a very strong program, Jory has become an integral part of the Marysville community. He has developed incredible rapport with both the students and staff. He is a valued member of the student leadership team, participates in school assemblies, is called upon to help with those challenging students, and has even been known to show off his talent in the school talent show.

Jory is constantly reaching out to fellow coaches giving suggestions, ideas, encouragement, and even on-site support. He has taken the initiative to facilitate both internal and external trainings, and is the captain of our Junior Coach Conference planning committee.

Recently he created a Portland Program Coordinator newsletter to highlight all of our accomplishments and keep our team morale going strong.

Thank you Jory for your incredible dedication and creative contributions! You ROCK!!

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