NorCal Map 21-22


Love Elementary


D. J. Sedgwick Elementary

East Palo Alto

Los Robles-Ronald McNair Academy
Costano Elementary
Aspire East Palo Alto Charter


Burbank Elementary

Menlo Park

Belle Haven


Manzanita Community
Bridges Academy
Aspire Berkley Maynard Academy
Lazear Charter Academy


Grant Elementary

San Francisco

Flynn (Leonard R.) Elementary
San Francisco Community Alternative
Malcolm X Academy Elementary School
Carver (Dr. George Washington) Elementary

San Jose

Blackford Elementary

San Mateo

LEAD Elementary School

San Pablo

Tara Hills Elementary

South San Francisco

Buri Buri Elementary


Escondido Elementary
Lucille M. Nixon Elementary


Lakewood Elementary
Bishop Elementary
Ellis Elementary
Vargas Elementary
San Miguel Elementary
Fairwood Explorer Elementary
Cumberland Elementary
Cherry Chase Elementary

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