AmeriCorps Appreciation Week 2017

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The East Bay office staff want to show their love for the AmeriCorps members who show up every day to make play possible on East Bay playgrounds. Here in the East Bay, we have 21 amazing AmeriCorps coaches and we’re excited for the opportunity to sincerely show our appreciation for their commitment to these communities! #AmeriCorpsWorks

Coach Danielle has worked diligently to make her first year as a coach and AmeriCorps member as successful as possible. She has jumped in full force into Downer Elementary, making their recess fun and engaging. Danielle really shines when it comes to her one-on-one connections with each and every student. After only a few weeks on her campus, Coach Danielle had a trail of students following her all over recess. They see that she exudes such a genuine care and connection with everyone she meets.

Coach Hayley has come leaps and bounds from her first day of pre-service. Though nervous, Hayley has taken this first year of being an AmeriCorps coach by storm and continues to build her confidence in everything she does. We appreciate her courage to step outside of her comfort zone and try new things. When Coach Hayley walks past a class of kindergartners or transitional kindergartners, they immediately break into a chorus of, "Hi Coach Hayley!" This is a testament to the time, love, and patience she puts into her program.

Coach Domo's laid back attitude has served her well during her first year as an AmeriCorps member. No matter what challenges arise at her school, she responds calm, cool, and collected. But don't let that demeanor fool you; Coach Domo is one of the most passionate and hard-working people we've met. Coach Domo takes extra time out of her day for her students. Whether hearing out their problems, sharing life advice, or giving a much-needed high-five, Coach Domo is always there to support anyone and everyone no matter what they need.

Coach Ty is the utmost flex coordinator. She came in halfway through a school year last year and is taking all that she learned to improve many programs. Everyone will tell you that Ty is always the shining light in any room. She approaches everything she does with enthusiasm, passion, and most of all, a smile. Coach Ty is always warmly welcomed at any school she attends and kids continue to ask for more. We also appreciate Ty for being consistently reliable. We consider her to be our second pair of eyes and ears. Coach Ty has a great perspective on coaching, Playworks’ program, and life in general.
We appreciate Coach Tayla's hard work, honesty, and endless hours of service that she has dedicated to Playworks AmeriCorps! Her devotion towards work is inspiring for others.
We appreciate Coach Angie's hard work, dedication, and professionalism! Angie is dedicated and consistently goes above and beyond for her school and community. She is the definition of a person that can bring success anywhere she goes.
We appreciate Coach Marley's enthusiasm and endless energy! Marley just has that positive energy that kids and adults gravitate towards. He is the ultimate fun, loving, and caring adult with the energy to match the kids.
We appreciate Coach Bekah's passion, hard work, and positive attitude! Bekah's work ethic and dedication have made a significant impact upon the community. She is just a delightful person that will make positive influences in the community she serves.

Coach Keenan is a first-year AmeriCorps member at Playworks, serving the community at Collins Elementary School in Pinole, Ca. He consistently goes above and beyond for his community and peers at Playworks. Keenan's contagious smile and high energy have rubbed off on everyone at Collins Elementary. He is invested in the community he serves and the Playworks mission.

We appreciate Coach Ali's work ethic, dedication, passion, and loyalty . . . and we appreciate that she is FUN and #gettingthingsdone for America!

Coach Jojo is a first-year AmeriCorps member at ICS who deeply understands the importance of the Playworks core value, Healthy Community! Coach Jojo has created a meaningful report with a lot of the students, staff, and parents at ICS. Thank you, Coach Jojo, for getting things done for America!

Coach Caleb is a first-year AmeriCorps member who truly has a passion for youth development. Coach Caleb works closely with his school and community to ensure the Bridges playground is inclusive and fun!

Coach James knows how to bring up a room with his energy! His playground is rocking with signs and rules for every game. James is the life of Oakland League Nights. He is also a great model for the inclusive “play hard, have fun” community Playworks strives to create!  

Coach Adam is a second-year coach and AmeriCorps member who truly understand that the power of play brings out the best in everyone. Through play, Coach Adam builds great relationships with students and is always striving to create opportunities for healthy play at Prescott!

Coach Sergio is one of the newest members of our AmeriCorps team. Not even two months into being a flex coordinator, Sergio has jumped headfirst into his new role. Coach Sergio can be seen on the Place playground always playing and engaging actively in the new games he has brought to life. Thank you, Coach Sergio!

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