Bringing Playworks to the Streets

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It is often said that a Playworks Coach's real office is the playground. On Sunday, September 11th, twelve coaches created a new, temporary office right in the middle of Western Addition, as part of the larger event series – Sunday Streets. Sunday Streets is an event during which a large, temporary public space is created by closing off stretches of neighborhood streets to automotive traffic, opening them up to pedestrians, bicyclists, and activities for several hours on predetermined Sundays. This month, Sunday Streets experienced a Playworks-style play explosion. Coaches were all over the place, running a wide variety of different games, including four square and cookie monster. Children weren't the only ones enjoying themselves, as even a few adults joined in on the fun, playing games they hadn't had the opportunity to practice in years.

Sunday Streets is the kind of community building event that makes the Playworks vision a reality. Each person affected by what they experienced at Sunday Streets is more likely to go home and remember the games they played. Each person is more likely to remember how playing these games made them feel. Who knows? Maybe these persons will be more likely to spend an evening playing games with family and neighbors, strengthening their community with a little help from Playworks.

More Updates

April 5, 2022

Golden State Warriors Community Foundation & Salesforce partner with Playworks ›

Check out this inspiring video showcasing Playworks Northern California’s continued partnership with the Warriors Community Foundation and Salesforce during the 2021-22 school year. Playworks has delivered safe and healthy play to over 30,000 elementary school children of promise in Northern California this year. We are grateful for their support of this important work!

March 30, 2022

Playworks Celebrates Women’s History Month ›

Playworks Northern California celebrates Women Leaders who have contributed to the Power of 25 years of Play. During this month, meet remarkable female leaders who strive to ensure that every student on the playground feels valued and heard. Throughout Southern California, these women have contributed to empowering students, especially young girls, to get in the…

November 19, 2021

AAA’s Creating Safe Spaces Guide and Lesson Plan ›

In partnership with AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah School Safety Patrol program, we’re proud to share teacher-led and student self-guided digital educational resources for Creating Safe Spaces – an interactive guide for students on how to have courageous conversations. AAA Creating Safe Spaces Overview This lesson is all about students being leaders in creating safe spaces…