PG&E and Playworks Team up to Celebrate National Service Day

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More than 80 PG&E employees and their families will roll-up their sleeves to clean-up and paint two East Bay elementary school Playgrounds on Saturday October 22 in honor of the National Service Day.  Playworks is thrilled to partner with PG&E employees on this fun and important project.  A brightly painted playground is not only more engaging but it is safer.  Playworks expert play coaches strategically map out each playground to make sure, for example, that ball games aren’t running through the areas kids like to jump rope.  In this way, kids feel safer and there is less conflict.   When kids understand where to play each game and they can clearly see the zones and lines – there is less stress and less fighting over if a ball is “in” or “out”.

The day starts with classic Playworks warm-up games that help employees can get to know each other and reminds them why play is so critically important to kids social and physical development.  Next, we hand out the brooms for a massive sweep and clean-up. After that, we tape the lines and finally we grab the brushes, rollers and line painters and start painting.  It will take about 5 hours and 80 gallons of paint to transform an average urban playground from grey and gravelly to bright and engaging!

At the end of the day the kids will have a new playground and the PG&E employees will have satisfied grins and sore muscles!

What: Playworks and PG&E team up in honor of National Day of Service to paint two schools playgrounds. In addition to approximately 80 PG&E volunteers working at the sites, PG&E has also provided a grant worth $23,500 to support the effort.

Where: Lincoln Elementary in Richmond and CUES (Community United Elementary School) in Oakland

When: October 22, 2011, 8:00 am


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