Kickball Tourney Focuses on Fun, Teamwork

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On a crisp, sunny October Saturday, Playworks San Francisco held its annual kickball jamboree at Paul Revere Preparatory Academy. Hosting teams from four different SFUSD elementary schools, more than 45 students came to show off their kicking, catching, and sprinting skills.

Focusing on pool play, the teams from Cleveland, E.R. Taylor and George Peabody Elementary Schools, and Paul Revere Preparatory Academy showed their love for the popular playground game by running around the bases and giving each other high-fives. This passion for the game was emphasized by several students who explained to onlookers that Playworks games are always scored “fun to fun”—meaning that by not keeping score, kids can focus instead on playing hard and having fun.

This positive attitude was reiterated by Ernesto, a Cleveland Elementary School parent, who gushed, “It’s great for the kids to come out for this kind of thing—I mean, look at the spirit!” He noted “Kickball is so much better than having the kids stay inside at home playing video games. Here, the kids are not only enjoying the open air, but learning and practicing respect.”

Cheering and laughter could be heard from all corners of the yard throughout the morning, especially from E.R. Taylor 5th grader Christine. Along with a handful of other students, she epitomized the lively and upbeat spirit of the event as a member of the combined E.R. Taylor and Cleveland team: “I like playing with a different school. It’s cool to play with each other and to cheer for other teams.”

After two hours of sunshine and kicking rubber, the day wrapped up with a big cheer that included kids, coaches, parents, and guardians—certainly a great end to an exciting, joyful, and sweaty morning!

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