The following schools have been Powered by Playworks:

New York

New York City


Brownsville Ascend Charter School Abington Avenue Elementary*
Central Brooklyn Ascend Charter School Avon Avenue School
P.S. 9 Teunis G. Bergen School Belmont Runyon
P.S. 54 Samuel C. Barnes School* Brick Peshine Academy*
P.S. 150 The Christopher School* Elliot Street School*
P.S. 315 School of Performing Arts* First Avenue School
P.S. 682 The Academy of Talented Scholars*


P.S. 109 The Segwick School*
P.S. 132 Garrett A Morgan*
P.S. 214


P.S. 111M Adolph S. Ochs School
P.S. 158 Bayard Taylor*
P.S. 206 Jose Celso Barbosa School*


P.S. 62 Chester Park
P.S. 76 The William Hallet School*
P.S. 112Q Dutch Kills
P.S. 163 Flushing Heights*
P.S. 178 The Holliswood School*
P.S. 163 Flushing Heights*
P.S. 219 Paul Klapper*


Western New York

Rochester City School District

School No. 12 James P B Duffy*
School No. 19 Charles T Llunfsford
School No. 23 Francis Parker*
School No. 29 Adlai E. Stevenson
School No. 33 Audubon*
School No. 43 Theodore Roosevelt*
School No. 57 Early Childhood School of Rochester


Highgate Heights Elementary School
Westminster Charter School
Enterprise Charter School

New Jersey


Abington Avenue Elementary*
Avon Avenue School
Belmont Runyon
Brick Peshine Academy*
Elliot Street School*
First Avenue School
Franklin Elementary School*
Hawkins Street School*
Luis Munoz Marin Elementary School
Oliver Street School*
Rafael Hernandez School
Roseville Community Charter School
South Street School*
Sussex Avenue School of Mathematics*
Speedway Academies
William Horton School

Jersey City
Dr. Lena Edwards Elementary School

 Playworks Coach School

Image result for blue google map pointer Playworks Team Up School *

 Playworks Pro – See Map Above

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