The following schools have been Powered by Playworks:

New York

New York City

Brownsville Ascend Charter School
Central Brooklyn Ascend Lower School
P.S. 9 Teunis G. Bergen School
P.S. 54 Samuel C. Barnes School *
P.S. 150 Christopher School *
P.S. 255K The Barbara Reing School *
P.S. 315 The School of the Performing Arts *

Bronx Lighthouse Charter School *
P.S. 46 X Edgar Allen Poe School *
P.S. 109 X Sedgwick School*
P.S.132 X Garrett A. Morgan *
P.S. 226 X The Nadia J. Pagan School
P.S. 360 X

P.S. 158 Bayard Taylor Elementary*
P.S. 198 The Straus School
P.S. 206 Jose Celso Barbosa School

P.S. 55 *
P.S. 76 William Hallet School *
P.S. 111 Jacob Blackwell School *
P.S. 163 Flushing Heights School *
P.S. 219 Paul Klapper School *


Western New York

Rochester City School District
School 17 Enrico Fermi School
School 19 Charles T Lunsford School
School 23 Francis Parker School
School 29 Adlai E. Stevenson School

New Jersey

Avon Avenue Elementary School
Belmont Runyon Elementary School
Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School
First Avenue School
Hawkins Street School *
Peshine School *
Rafael Hernandez School
Roseville Community Charter School
South Street School
Speedway Academies
Spencer Miller Community School

Jersey City
Dr. Lena Edwards Elementary School


 Playworks Coach School

 Playworks Team Up School *

 Playworks Pro – See Map Above

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