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Playworks Greater Newark/Greater New York would not be possible without the generous support of the philanthropic community in New Jersey and New York.  One of our newest foundation partners for the 2012-2013 School Year is the Reitman Foundation

Why did you decide to support Playworks?
The Reitman Foundation became acquainted with Playworks through the Jewish Women's Foundation.  We were eager to meet the Director of the program because a part of our Foundation’s mission is to support women and children at risk.  Meeting Adeola Whitney and her staff, and witnessing "supervised play" among the children, encouraged our decision to provide financial support to the program.  There is a certain energy at Playworks that is contagious.  When one walks through the gym and experiences the electricity emanating from the children, one can’t help but realize that "play" really does inspire self esteem, and encourages children  to strive for excellence in a competitive world. 

How does this support fit into the Reitman Foundation mission and giving priorities?
The Reitman Foundation provides grants to support women and children at risk in New Jersey.  Part of our perceived role is to help ensure that children receive the guidance and support that will enable them to thrive and will inspire their hope for their future.  We want to help children find their "hero" within so they can build self-esteem and become self-reliant.  Our priority is to provide grants to organizations which are effective and dynamic. There must be the highest quality leadership, and an engaged Board of Directors. Giving responsibly has been part of our family tradition since our mother, Peg Reitman, instilled in us the appreciation of and responsibility for giving back to the community.

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child playing on playground

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