Eight Teams Kicked so 10,000 Kids could Play

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Kickball … Remember the feeling at recess when the pitcher rolled that big, red, bouncy ball your way?

… Everyone’s eyes on are you, the suspense rapidly mounting, and then…POW! You send the ball soaring through the clear blue sky, past the outfielders, all of whom are now scrambling for the ball in a desperate attempt to get you out. You hustle as fast as you can around the bases, 1st base…2nd base….3rd base…Homerun! You strut towards homeplate, upon which all your teammates would pummel you with high fives, cheers, and pats on the back.

This was the scene at Playworks’ 4th Annual Corporate Kickball Tournament at Military Park in Newark, NJ.

Corporate Kickball is Playworks’ annual fundraising tournament that brings co-workers together for a fun day of play and teamwork. This year, Playworks brought eight companies and their employees back to their recess days, engaging approximately 120 players.

The following companies formed teams in this old-school backyard style kickball tournament—Salesforce.com, Rothstein Kass, UPS, DeSantis Breindel, Brown Brothers Harriman, PSEG, Robert Treat Hotel. These gracious organizations helped us raise over $17,500 to support the 10,000 kids in Playworks’ Greater Newark and Greater New York programs. All our food was donated by Whole Foods and Ferry Street BBQ, and the beer served was donated by Brooklyn Brewery.

Thank you to everyone who came out to play with us. We can’t wait for you to play again next year!

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