April 28, 2015

Meet our new Executive Director ›

The Playworks Michigan Board of Directors is pleased to announce our new Executive Director Angela Rogensues. Angela has served Playworks Michigan since 2012 as Program Director focused on expanding Playworks programming and training services beyond the City of Detroit. Rogensues’ resume includes over a decade of experience in the non-profit sector working in Illinois, California…

March 24, 2015

2015 Girls Basketball Jamboree ›

For several weeks coaches have been preparing students for Playworks Girls Basketball Jamboree. On March 14 more than 300 spectators, coaches, and players arrived at Western High School eager to showcase their skills. Each Playworks coach prepared a team from their respective schools to teach the fundamentals of the game. At the event more than 125 students were put into groups where…

March 13, 2015

Friday’s Coach of the Day: Coach Rhi ›

Washington Parks Academy has a large population of students. The gym can hold a total of seven to eight classes at once. Initially maintaining an organized recess was a challenge that appeared to be impossible. Coach Rhi made many strides to facilitate play between the two groups of 3rd and 5th graders by establishing core recess games, but students still struggled with…

March 12, 2015

Thursday’s Coach of the Day: Coach Chris!! ›

Coach Chris is our resident artist. While participating in AmeriCorps service projects Chris adds his own creative flare to playgrounds by painting and designing positive images and color schemes. Chris also adorns the hallways of his school with amazing displays of playful art.

March 11, 2015

Wednesday’s Coach of the Day: Coach Jake ›

Coach Jake has formulated an awesome indoor recess! Within his gym he has guaranteed physical activity and play to happen each day during the cold winter months. He has organized his space to allow half of the gym to operate lunch and the other half to include relay races, jump rope, cone tic-tac-toe, three-line basketball, and the maze…

March 10, 2015

Tuesday’s Coach of the Day: Coach James ›

Coach James has been holding it down at the re-configured Madison Elementary. After a quick move across town the Madison community, James has settled in to his new school building. James likes to get his kids and principal hyped up with his plethora of amazing cheers. If you see him give him a “boom chick a boom”…

March 9, 2015

Monday’s Coach of the Day: Coach Jennifer ›

Coach Jennifer is an all-star coach that has high energy and pizzazz! She encourages play and continuously seeks out and creates new games to be played in difficult small spaces with her students.  Witnessing her sing a cheer is like being a part of an onstage production of a musical. Currently she is going above and beyond…

December 17, 2014

Why We Play ›

Playworks is the leading nonprofit leveraging the power of play to support and improve children's physical and emotional health. Focusing on recess, Playworks programs provide an opportunity for every student to learn collaboration, teamwork, respect, and inclusion – all through safe, fun, healthy play at school every day.

June 12, 2014

Transforming Our Playgrounds ›

We are lucky enough to have the support of many local companies here in Metro-Detroit. Recently, a few of those companies have stepped up to help make our playgrounds a beautiful place. Painting a playground can have an amazing impact on the school community. Not only does it transform a drab and colorless playground into a…