Volunteer Appreciation Week 2017

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During Volunteer Appreciation Week 2017, Playworks Michigan would like to thank all of our volunteers who dedicate their passion and energy to bring out the best in every kid. We wouldn't be able to make an impact in our area without their support.

This school year, we have had the honor of working with over 100 volunteers. From putting on various events to acting as league coaches, our volunteers share our passion for making a difference through the power of play. 

One of our volunteers, Christina, a high school junior, has made a lasting impact in her school community. Christina has been involved in various activities, including coaching our soccer and girls basketball leagues, attending our volunteer events, and helping out with our Junior Coach Leadership Program. She has made a great impression on our students with her positivity and energetic personality. We are truly grateful for all she has done so far!

Learn about Christina:


In one word, how would your friends, family, or colleagues describe you?

If I were to be described in one word, it would be cheerful.

When, where, and what was the first place you ever participated as volunteer?

I have participated in various volunteer opportunities provided by my schools since about the fourth grade. The first time I volunteered outside of school was in 2013 when I helped decorate a Habitat for Humanity house in downtown Detroit.

What motivates you to volunteer?

I am motivated to volunteer because I love working with children and I enjoy knowing I am helping them to be more active.

What have you found most inspiring during your volunteer work with Playworks?

During my volunteer work with Playworks, I have been inspired most by the way that Playworks incorporates sports and games into teaching kids important skills such as teamwork and respect.

What do you wish people to know about Playworks?

People should know that Playworks not only teaches kids how to play sports fairly and how to resolve conflicts but also creates many ways for children to connect with other kids and make great friendships.

If you are interested in joining Playworks Michigan and volunteering, go to playworks.org/volunteer and select “Michigan” as the community.

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