Celebrating AmeriCorps Success: Inclusion in Action

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Playworks believes that every student should be included in play. But what does inclusion look like? To celebrate the the impact of AmeriCorps, Playworks Michigan AmeriCorps Coach Kat shared this story of inclusion in action:

"At Beacon Elementary there is a 1st grade student, Adam, who has autistism and has been mainstreamed into the classroom. Since the school received Playworks programming, Adam has experienced immense gains in development. When I first met Adam, he did not speak. After the first few weeks of Playworks recess, I noticed that he was singing along to the cheer "Milkshake."  His paraprofessional, who works daily with him on speech, brought it to my attention that Adam was singing the songs. She could not believe it!  Another month or so into the program, Adam was independently giving high fives on a daily basis to his classmates and teachers. As a coach, in class game time I ensure that he is included in every activity. His classmates also now include him in on play. Adam has also learned to play foursquare. Playworks has helped Adam learn social skills, while also teaching his class to include and accept him."

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