Playworks Veteran Joins Detroit Team

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Coach John as he is affectionately known by the thousands of students he has touched over the past five years joins the Playworks Detroit Team as a Program Director.

John Quinn drove over 2394 miles from Oakland, CA to help ensure a successful program launch in 16 Detroit Pubic Schools. Coach John began his Playworks career as a Program Coordinator at name of school in his hometown of Oakland, CA. Bitten by the Playworks bug after graduating from UC Davis, John served at the school level for several years before becoming a Program Manager. His outstanding management skills, grasp of the Playworks philosophy and desire to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children, led John to Detroit.
“When I heard that our organization was expanding to Detroit for our biggest city launch ever, I jumped on the opportunity to be a part of this movement. I know there is a need for our program here and it's a unique chance to impact so many children. I am proud to be a part of something so special.”
Bringing a new program to any school system can be challenging. Teachers can be skeptical and principals anxious about the impact a program like Playworks can really make in a school. Fortunately, Playworks brings a track record of 14 years and statistics that show a true impact on improving the learning environment of schools.
“I am so excited to have John with our team. His enthusiasm and bright smile is contagious. I have seen skeptical teachers, passing out high fives and smiles after teacher trainings at our new schools. With John, I am confident we will surpass everyone’s expectations”.

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