Junior Coach Leadership Program

The Junior Coach Program is a youth leadership program for 4th-8th graders to serve as a peer role model to help create and sustain an inclusive school culture, both on and off the playground.

These Junior Coaches are chosen from diverse backgrounds but share a common objective: ensuring safe and meaningful recess experiences. Through monthly training sessions by their Playworks Coach, Junior Coaches develop skills like responsibility, effective communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Upon completing the training sessions, these Junior Coaches become equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to support their peers during recess, ensuring that all students feel welcomed and involved in playground activities. By promoting values of respect, teamwork, and empathy, the Junior Coach Leadership Program not only enhances the recess experience but also cultivates essential leadership skills that will benefit participants both in and out of school. Through their dedication and commitment, these students exemplify the positive impact that young individuals can have on their school community.

Playworks Junior Coaches are present in 18 schools in Indiana, reaching out to a large number of children who are actively engaged in positive and inclusive recess activities daily.

The involvement of Junior Coaches plays a crucial role in the success of these recess periods. Team Indiana collaborates with their partner schools to select 20-30 Junior Coaches at the beginning of the school year, contributing to a safe and meaningful recess atmosphere.

Junior Coach Conference

 Junior Coach Conference is a way to celebrate the Junior Coaches for all their hard work throughout the school year. This annual event is held toward the end of the academic year, acknowledging the achievements of these young coaches who provide a fun and safe playground environment to their peers every single day.

Playworkers strive to bring together Junior Coaches from across the state for a joyous celebration, featuring various activities such as project workshops, games based on their social-emotional learning strengths, and inspiring speeches.

The ultimate goal of the Junior Coach Conference is to appreciate, empower, and encourage the Junior Coaches to continue positively impacting the lives of others and maintain their leadership roles within their community.

The 2023-2024 Junior Coach Leadership Conference will be held on May 18 at Keenan Stahl Boys and Girls Club. 
Interested in supporting these peer mentors, consider sponsoring the conference.